Getting Results in the Conference Room:

How to Have Fewer, More Focused Meetings

You just led an effective meeting.
You kept everyone focused and on track.
A problem was isolated, and solutions were discussed.
A decision was actually made, not put off.
You had almost forgotten that meetings were supposed to get results.

In this workshop you'll learn how to have focused, effective meetings. You'll learn how to take control of your meetings and stay in control. Whether you’re chairing a managing a team project, leading a sales meeting, or running a staff meeting we’ll show you how to get results. After taking this seminar you’ll:

  • Have Fewer, More Effective Meetings
  • Take Control of Your Meeting from the Outset and Stay in Control
  • Handle Common Problems in Meetings
  • Develop Concrete Meeting Action Plans
  • Get More Accomplished at Each Meeting

Planning for an Effective Meeting

    Getting Started: Setting A Clear Meeting Strategy
  • Setting Your Meeting Goals – What do you want to accomplish at your meeting?
  • The Six Main Types of meetings and strategies for each type

    Building a Strong Group of Meeting Participants
  • What Do Your Participants Bring to the Table? How to assess skills, knowledge and expertise to build a strong meeting group
  • The Balancing Act – Learn why the “Right Balance” of participants is critical to the success of your meeting.
  • Getting Your Participants On Board Before Your Meeting

Pre-Meeting Responsibilities

    Getting Focused - Setting the Agenda and Meeting "Map"
  • Setting a Meeting “Map” - Learn the three reasons a meeting map will keep your meeting on track
  • Briefing Your Participants—Learn the five things each participant must know before your meeting

    Setting the Stage for an Effective Meeting
  • Location—How it can influence the success of your meeting
  • Timing is Everything—Learn the ideal meeting times, and the times you should avoid

Taking Charge of Your Meeting

    Asserting Your Authority
  • Learning to Speak With Power – Why it Makes Such a Difference
  • Taking Control of Your Meeting and Maintaining Control

    Communicating Effectively in a Group Setting
  • Achieving “Focused” Communication” – How to keep your participants “on topic” throughout your meeting
  • Ways to Encourage Input From All Participants
  • Handling Common Communication Problems – How to keep them from resurfacing throughout your meeting

Group Problem Solving

    Problem Assessment
  • Avoiding the “Going in Circles” trap – How to isolate problems so they can be solved, not just discussed
  • Approaches to Group Problem Solving

    Group Decision Making
  • How to Avoid the Pitfalls That Hinder Group Decision Making
  • Evaluating Solutions – learn four techniques to objectively evaluate your alternatives
  • Decision Making Methods – use the one that best fits your situation
  • How to Build Concensus in Your Meeting

    Presenting Information Clearly
  • Simplifying Complex and Technical Information – How to Present your Information Clearly
  • How to Structure a Smooth, Effective Presentation to your group
  • Using Visual Aids effectively
  • Using Guest Speakers and Experts – how to maximize their time and yours

Wrapping Up Your Meeting

    Project Meetings and Action Plans
  • Creating Clear Action Plans – why they are critical to the success of any project
  • Learn the three reasons Why Most Participants Fail to Meet Their Group Responsibilities
  • Ways to Motivate your participants
  • Coordinating Meeting Assignments and Timelines

    Meeting Documentation
  • The Three Benefits of Documentation
  • How to Produce Clear Documentation

Who Should Attend

Managers who lead meetings or attend meetings regularly, project managers, team leaders, project coordinators, sales managers, supervisors, committee leaders and chairpersons.
Not sure if this workshop is for you? Call one of our workshop specialists with your questions at 781 368-7246.