About Us

Accelerated Results, located in Lexington, Massachusetts, was started in 2002 to meet the training needs of today's business world. We offer a comprehensive selection of business workshops and training services. We recognize that each organization has unique training needs, and we offer over 30 workshops to meet those unique training needs. We offer training in such topics as performance management, leadership, resource management and alignment, and team building.

Our workshops series "Back to Basics: A Return to Essential Business Practices" focuses on essential business skills--making powerful presentations, running effective meetings, and producing informative reports. To date our workshops have been offered primarily around the Boston metropolitan area. Soon we will be making these available to other cities as well.

Our consulting services are just that - we act as true "consultants". We don't take over your projects - we work side by side with you. We don't manage your projects - we work with you to build strong teams, set strategy, or develop performance standards. We know our clients are the "experts" and know their business. We're there to offer our expertise as we let you set the direction of your organization.

Please email us at staff@acceleratedresults.com to learn more about our workshops and services.