Getting Your Message Across:

Designing and Delivering Smooth and Effective Presentations

You just made a successful presentation.
You captured the attention of your audience.
You were relaxed and confident.

It's a good feeling, isn't it?

We can help you have a smooth, successful presentation each time.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I capture the attention of my audience throughout my presentations?
  • Do I handle presentations with ease and confidence?
  • Are my presentations powerful?
  • Do I handle pressure effectively during presentations?
  • Do I know how the wrong location or time can impact my presentation?
  • Do I know how to effectively use visuals to support my message, not detract from it?
  • Do I know ways to change a passive audience to one that is involved in my presentation?
  • If you answered no to any of these questions, this workshop is for you.

The ability to deliver an powerful, effective presentation is an integral part of a successful business career. In this comprehensive workshop you’ll learn how to deliver smooth, effective presentations. Presentations that are well structured, and flow smoothly. Presentations that get your message across clearly.

WORKSHOP OBJECTIVE: By the end of this workshop participants will be able to
  • Develop a clear message for your presentation.
  • Design a structure for a presentation that will flow smoothly.
  • Deliver a smooth, powerful presentation with visuals or other materials that will support your message.

What you'll learn in this workshop:

    Types of Presentations
  • The five basic types of presentations and how to prepare for each.
  • The four components of a powerful presentation.
    Preparing for Your Audience
  • What does your audience want to know? How to gear your presentation so you provide your audience with the information they really need.
  • Preparing for a diverse audience – how to adjust your presentation for varying knowledge bases.
  • Making Presentations to Senior Management - The five things you must keep in mind.
    How Your Location and Meeting Time Could Impact Your Presentation
  • Selecting the best location for your presentation – what to take into consideration
  • Learn the best times for presentations and the times to avoid
    Capturing and Maintaining Your Audience’s Attention
  • Capturing Your Audience’s Attention - How to start out on a strong note.
  • Involving Your Audience in your presentation—learn ways to keep their interest throughout your presentation
    When You’re Not the Only Presenter
  • Multiple Speakers - Learn the times to use multiple speakers and when to stick to only one speaker
  • Too many presenters? Learn the maximum number of recommended speakers for any presentation
  • Structuring a Group Presentation – how to schedule speakers so your presentation is smooth, not disjointed
  • Bringing in Guest Speakers - Learn when to bring in an external speaker to supplement your presentation
    Delivering Impromptu Presentations
  • How to effectively handle the unanticipated presentation
  • The three things that will keep you focused for a successful impromptu presentation
    Delivering a Smooth, Focused Presentation
  • Zeroing in on Key Topics – how to limit your presentation to a few key areas for maximum effectiveness
  • Ways to simplify complex information for your audience
  • Ending the over-reliance on slide shows - two alternatives that may bring you better results than traditional slide shows
  • How to eliminate distractions during your presentation
  • How to end your presentation with a strong finish
    Handling Audience Questions
  • Should questions be answered as you deliver your presentation, or be held for the end? Learn the pros and cons of each method.
  • Don’t be Caught Unprepared - The two things you should do before your presentation so you’ll be well prepared to answer questions
    Handling Pressure During Presentations
  • Pressure Points - What all speakers should be prepared for
  • It's Your Presentation - How to handle pressure during presentations and stay in control
    • Wrapping Up Your Presentation
    • Summarizing Your presentation
    • Concluding With a Strong Finish

Who Should Attend

Managers and staff members who present information to internal and/or external audiences and stakeholders. Sales managers, project managers, and project leaders will all benefit from this workshop. Whether you’re new to delivering presentations or just want to sharpen your skills, this workshop is for you.
Not sure if this workshop is for you? Call one of our workshop specialists with your questions at 781 368-7246.