Taking Control of Your Workday:

How to Have More Focused, Productive Workdays

You just finished your workday.
You worked on critical projects.
You delegated tasks and they came back. Completed.
You were free of endless interruptions.
You maintained your momentum throughout the day.
You set your schedule, not someone else.

It was a great day.

Do you find yourself changing direction frequently throughout the day? Do you find yourself sidetracked by special projects and requests that take over your day? Do you suffer from “information overload”, bombarded by endless e-mails, phone calls, and faxes? Productive workdays don't just happen. They're the result of a conscious effort to focus on your critical functions. In our seminar “Taking Control of Your Workday" you'll learn how to have focused, productive workdays. We’ll show you how to:

  • Take Control of Your Workday
  • Stop The Crisis Management Cycle
  • Stay Focused Throughout Your Workday
  • Maintain Your Momentum Throughout the Day
  • Delegate Effectively So Assignments Get Done
  • Remove Common Distractions

Sound impossible? It's not--it's simply a matter of learning some techniques and putting them to work. In our workshop "Taking Control of Your Workday" we'll show you ways to keep focused and on track in today's fast paced business world.

WORKSHOP OBJECTIVE: By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:
  • Assess your key areas of responsibility and critical functions.
  • Prioritize and make action plans that will keep you focused on your key areas of responsibility and accomplish your objectives.
  • Manage your workday effectively for a focused, productive workday.

What you'll learn in this workshop:

Your key performance areas
    Getting Focused - Your Key Responsibilities and Critical Functions
  • How to Define Your Key Performance Areas
  • How to Evaluate Your Critical Functions
    Setting Priorities, Objectives and Action Plans
  • How to Prioritize your Critical Functions
  • How to Set Realistic Short and Long Term Objectives
Laying the foundation for a productive day
    Your Work Environment and its Effect on Your Productivity
  • Your Office Location - How to evaluate your location for traffic patterns, noise, and other distractions.
  • Utilizing Your Office Space - You'll learn how simple changes can increase your productivity.
    The Tools of a Productive Workday
  • Organizational Tools - The essential tools that will keep you on track throughout the day
  • Project Management Tools - We'll show you tools that will keep on track of schedules and budgets.
    Reducing Non-Essential Tasks
  • How to conduct a quick review of your current processes - assess which add value, which can be eliminated
  • Routine tasks - how to delegate these to free up valuable time
    Reducing Information Overload
  • Evaluating the Sources of Information Overload
  • How to limit the information you receive to that related to your areas of responsibility
Making a plan for a productive day
  • Making a Productivity Map - How a basic map will keep you focused throughout the day
  • Executing Your Action Plans - Learn how a simple tool will keep you focused on your priorities throughout the day
  • Ending Procrastination - Learn the main reasons for procrastination and how to end it for good.
    How to Make the Most of Your Support Resources
  • Delegating Effectively- How to go from task assignment to task completion/LI>
  • Finding Resources - Where to find resources that will support your goals and action plans
Taking control of your workday
    Ways to Reduce Non-Productive Meeting Time
  • Stop Attending Non-Productive Meetings - How to evaluate each meeting before you decide to attend.
  • How to Lead Outcome-Based Meetings - How to have fewer, more focused meetings.
    Balancing Changing Priorities Throughout the Day
  • Stopping the Crisis Management Cycle - Learn the three reasons why crises occur and how to stop them before they happen and impact your productive workday.
  • Special Requests, Teams, and Projects - What you must know before you commit your valuable time to any of these.
Maintaining your focus and momentum throughout the day
    Maintaining Focus and Concentration Throughout the Day
  • The Power of Concentration – How to increase your productivity greatly by focusing on the task or project at hand.
  • The Multi-Tasking Myth - Learn how this approach greatly reduces your productivity.
    Maintaining Your Momentum - How to Reduce Distractions in the Workplace
  • Constantly interrupted by non-critical issues? How to stop others from controlling your workday.
  • Distracting Coworkers – How to tactfully eliminate interruptions.
From This:
Chaos and Crisis Management
Constantly Changing Priorities
Emphasis on Non-Essential Projects
No Delegation of Tasks
Many Meetings
Vague Performance Goals
Performance Targets Missed
To This:
Focus and Control
You Set Your Priorities
Emphasis on Critical Projects
Routine Tasks Delegated
Fewer, Results-Oriented Meetings
Clear Goals and Action Plans
Performance Targets Exceeded

Who Should Attend

Managers and staff members who want to maximize their productivity throughout the day, with the use of priority setting, organizational, and time saving methods.
Not sure if this workshop is for you? Call one of our workshop specialists with your questions at 781 368-7246.